Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Homemade Christmas Part 3

          I thought a homemade Christmas made alot of sense. "Why does no one give homemade things when there is so much talent in this family?"

           Perhaps I put my foot in my mouth when (something like) that came out, because the idea stuck and I really hadn't considered what I could make for someone... =S
         Reformation day came, the date for our annual Christmas draw. I'm always nervous as the basket of names approaches. Who's name will be on that slip of paper this year and will I be able to come up with a gift that seems right. 

          And the paper read:  Millie

          Followed by the feeling of "I can do this". Not sure why, I had no immediate ideas, but it came together so naturally somehow, one piece at a time...

   Item #1:   an old window frame from the granary 
                    a little fresh paint
                    a couple small pieces of 1/4" plywood
                    some cord sheets
                    some fabric that seemed to say Millie
                 + some chicken wire                                   
                           Displaying earring holder.JPG
       Earring keeper/pin board. I need to make me one of these! =)

   Item #2:    a little jersey knit in mustard chevron      
                    a little sew. a little try-to-turn-a-donut-rightside-out, a little seam ripping, a little try again...An endless scarf is really one of the easiest things there is to sew but apparently my brain wasn't working when I started into this project. Who cuts 2 strips of fabric when you could cut one and fold it in half?!?!

 It looks much better with the navy cardigan she got for her birthday. =)

          Item #3    some fats
                          some lye
                       + some lavender

    Lavender Soap...because Millie is a lavender kinda girl.

          I was very pleased with this gift. Self praise I know but it seemed just right. I'm thinking the homemade Christmas is a keeper...but we may have to bump our name drawing date to give a little more time for crafting...we'll see.

          Hope you had a Merry Christmas!



  1. This gift really did capture Millie's personality and style perfectly! Love it. :)

  2. I really loved all my gifts! You are an awesome sister-in-law and handycrafter!
    - Millie