Tuesday, 10 December 2013

In this time...

Is it already snowing outside?

Somewhere between November 23 and the second week of December - things go from teetering on the edge to wildest, around here. It's from 'December's as free as a bird', to 'sorry, but this week is booked up'. It goes from pinning crafts to pulling puppy dog eyes at your father and handing him some gold spray paint. Somewhere from planning to paint nativity scenes on each fingernail, to not brushing your teeth at night.

Ok. Well maybe the last one isn't true.

But busy does happens.

Nor do I fight it. Truth be told, I like the hustle and kitchen full and coming to bed after present sewing too late. I like a little fuss. A little special thing or two as the Winter begins.

So I'm learning not to resent the pimple on my chin that will come whether I like it or not. (Holding off on the chocolate might help...) Letting the food and errands and ways to help fill up each day as I get to it. Dare I hope - starting to let things go and holding on to people a little better?

Because it will always be that. Those faces. Love them as hard as you can and remember while commercials try to sidetrack, and lists flutter as you reach for a hand...

Christ is with us.


P.S. I promise I will finish this year's photo challenge! Just not. right. now. Soon!



  1. Nativity scenes on your fingernails - love it! Lol

  2. This is a sweet reminder, Liv. :) The busyness of Christmas is no reason to become uptight and snappy!