Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What Liv Learned this November (2013)

1. If I am not entirely enthusiastic about s'mores - I certainly am about this cake.


2. I realized that I care more about words then I thought. And reading unlocks more than we can imagine.

3. That 9 times out of 10, I'm so bound to getting things crossed off my list, that I can't just enjoy the process. This can be a problem...(read: always sloppy!)

4. I discovered I can actually get such an attack of cabin fever that even Walmart seems like an exciting Saturday night activity. And I don't even like Walmart.

5. The only side affect of doing NanoWriMo is a sore behind.

6. I should get more exercise than I do. But not stomach crunchy type of exercise, because then I just flail around on the floor trying to get up again.

7. There is nothing so nice as eating breakfast with overnight friends.

8. I also learned my pride is not without being checked from time to time. Just when I think I'm becoming semi-competent, I loose a dog while babysitting, and have broken glassware while staying at someone's house. Really?

P.S. The dog came back before the parents did.

9. Baptisms will always, forever make me cry.

10. Apparently, my sister's fright while driving with me is well founded. Yay for glasses in my purse - to put on before I go motoring. (Not!)

11. And most of all, a growing awareness that who I am and what I do, is wrapped up in Christ and His worth. So that my stage of life does not mean I pull less kingdom weight or translate as a flake. But so courage and strength and reliance on Him is what I bring to the battlegrounds of where I am - where ever I find myself in the future.

xo ~Liv

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  1. It's always entertaining to see what you've learned in a month, Liv! :) Thanks for sharing!

    I know you don't usually do tags, but I've created one that I think you might like. I'd love it if you choose to participate! http://theinkloft.blogspot.com/2013/12/you-know-youre-writer-when.html