Sunday, 22 December 2013

Because Christmas is Really Thanksgiving With Bells On


Maybe you're ready. Maybe you're not. It doesn't make a difference really, because Christmas comes anyway, is here, and flies by in a haze of family gatherings and mincemeat pie.


In fact, this year, the only thing that appears to stick with me - the glue to hold the glitter on - is a sudden and surprising sense of gratitude.



Gratitude for this time...and the things we don't count on, but come anyway during December.


The funny things. Videoing the Christmas story in a million degree below zero weather. And all the angels and shepherds and 'toddler Jesus' banging around inside the van to get warm. Casting can't help but be ironic in these circumstances. And what lengths we go to, for grandparent's Christmas presents!


The relieved when the guys get back safe from a snowy four day trip with  a few truck troubles and less sleep.


The amazed; when you see that family sitting there in a row of chairs. Who you've prayed would come to pastor and serve with the church...and it seems like you can hear the "yes, so far" being spoken out loud.



The cherished, in the voices of kids singing, eyes wide and brave. Good words in small mouths.


The mundane things... when someone speaks kindness or that little boy laughing out loud while you read - because the Tawny Scrawny Lion is simply a funny book.


And most...All of it Holy, because the baby King is God with us.


Merry Christmas!




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