Tuesday, 31 December 2013

What Millie Learned in December 2013

1. I'm so silly. (Ha! Don't I learn that every month?) When I'm busy, I'm stressed. When I'm not busy, I'm bored.

2. Radio stations around Christmas time are ridiculous. One moment they're playing "What Child is This," the next moment blaring an inappropriate rap song.

3. I like having a diplomatic nephew. Landon says while watching "Road to Avonlea": "Olivia is my favourite because Olivia is my favourite name. *pause* I like Miss Millie, too." Good move, kid.

4. It's very disturbing to find a dead cat on one's doorstep.

5. Art brings people together. ("Babette's Feast" anyone?)

6. You're never safe from surprises until you're dead. This year I saw my Dad hanging up Christmas lights. I know, right? Perhaps the "Christmas spirit" is contagious. Or maybe infectious.

7. Philippians 2:17 is a good verse to read around Christmas time. "But even if I am being poured out like a drink offering on the sacrifice and service coming from your faith, I am glad and rejoice with all of you." It's like Paul could foresee the mad, grumpy hubbub that now personifies the Christmas season. "So you too should be glad and rejoice with me."

8. Casting a two year old as "Joseph" may get you a very interesting interpretation of said character - like pushing a pregnant Mary off the horse so he can have a turn riding. "The real Joseph unveiled: An Expose."

9. I hate snowed-in Sundays.

10. Apparently, I look enough like I'm from the Ukraine for a perfect stranger to ask me if I am. I know where I'm going to hide, if I ever need to flee the country.

11. Santa Claus is not as scary as I imagined as a small, cynical child. But, I am taken with the strongest curiosity to discover the man's true identity by administering a quick tug to the end of his beard.

12. "The Bells of St. Mary's" is considered a Christmas movie. But why? Maybe because Father O'Malley says Mr. Beaugardis has "holly in his heart." Gag me with a toothbrush!

13. Google has a Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve. I'm absolutely fascinated by this!

14. A baby that I used to dandle on my knee now has a beard. How do I feel about this? One word: Old.

15. A dismantled pump organ can turn into some pretty cool wall art.

16. I learned how to finger knit from a very annoying girl on YouTube. I would find you the link to her video, but I wouldn't wish her upon a dog that I liked. Find your own video.

17. That "I need to forgive, and I need to be forgiven." This, coupled with a verse I read recently: "But in humility, consider others more significant than yourselves." This is a good mindset to have during the holidays. Because "being home for Christmas" is no fun if you have a dysfunctional family - and don't we all have one of those? We are all broken people operating in a broken system. Let's turn to the mender of all things, feast on Christ and give, most of all, the gift of love.

Comment and tell us what you've learned this month or, even better yet, what you're going to learn in the fresh and clean year before us.

- Millie


  1. At the risk of sounding unspiritual: I love snowed-in Sundays!
    In 2014 I hope to learn how to make cheese, and do 5 chin-ups (if "learn" can be reinterpreted as "develop the necessary muscle mass") Since I'm also hoping to go to college, I intend to learn much more than that, too!
    Most importantly, who has a beard?

    1. I'm so intrigued that you want to make cheese. As to the beard question, I will e-mail you. :)

      - Millie